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Update 3/18/19

Well, the new Ork Vehicles I was working on are all painted up in the Mek Shop. Have a look!

Next up will probably be some more addition to the Speed Freeks, but we'll see how it goes.

Past Updates

Update 12/12/18
Hey gang!

I'm still cranking away on the new Ork Vehicles in the Mek Shop. They're coming along nicely. I'm also working on some new army lists and tactics as well. As soon as I have a battle report with pictures, or I come up with any new tactical thoughts or articles, I'll post them up.

In the mean time, enjoy the pics and Happy Gaming!

Update 10/30/18
He's Back!!!

After two and a half years, ol' Irondog is back working on his Orks again! It took GW releasing some new Speed Freek models, as well as a new Codex, to get me chompin' at the bit to build and paint again.

I'm hoping to update more frequently than every 30 months, but we'll see how I do. Hehehehe. In the meantime, I am working on some of the new Ork buggies from the Speed freeks boxed set in the Mek Shop Check 'em out!

Update 4/19/16
Ok. Even I will admit that 6 months is waaaaaay too long between updates. For those who may be wondering, I was not beheaded in a freak construction accident. However, I have been busy as hell trying keep people's houses together while Mother Nature did her best to wash us off the map.

Now that there's a bit of a lull in the action, I've taken the opportunity to catch up on some hobby work. There are some freshly painted Empire Fantasy models up in the Commissions section. Check 'em out!

Update 10/12/15
Two whole months and no updates!!! That's what an El Nino scare does for a construction business in Northern California. Folks are losing their minds trying to get their houses shored up before the potential deluge of rain.

At any rate, I've got some progress to reportr on the hobby front. There's a Sicaran Battle Tank and two Thunerfire Cannons for the Raven Guard in the Commissions section. Check 'em out!

Update 8/7/15
Lots of resin coming your way in this update. I'm working on a real beauty of a model, a Sicaran Battle Tank for the Raven Guard in the Commissions section.

Update 7/24/15
More Orky goodness! I've converted some Custom Killa Kanz from Space Marine Centurions over in the Commissions section.

Update 7/15/15
Whew! A month and a half between updates, Bet some of you thought I fell in a hole, huh? Well, that's not entirely untrue. Starting your own construction business does swallow up a lot of your time. See I'm still building and painting... just most of it is on a much bigger scale.

But that doesn't mean I'm finished with the small scale stuff either. See, I've got some Dark Angels I've finished up in the Commissions section.

Update 5/30/15
It's been a while between updates. Sorry about that, but my work life has taken a turn for the busy. As some of you already know, I'm closing up shop to any new commission work, but I will still be updating my site with any remaining commissions as well as my own projects. The update schedule will probably be a bit slower, but I'm still around.

To that end, here are some Orks models I've finished up in the Commissions section.

Update 5/5/15
I've finished off the Inquisitorial Warband in the Commissions section.

Update 4/23/15
Wow! Over a month with no updates. Sorry about that gang, but real life threw me for a loop. Between income taxes and remodeling the bathroom in my house, I haven't worked on a model in about a month. Time for that to change...

I've added a few new models to the Inquisitorial Warband in the Commissions section. These guys are more tech-inclined than the previous batch. I've also started on some Ork models as well.

Update 3/20/15
I've finished painting the Inquisitorial Warband in the Commissions section. Once the customer gives final approval, I'll be back to working on a few Ork models as well as some Raven Guard.

Update 3/10/15
The Inquisitorial Warband in the Commissions section now has some actual Inquisitors in it. :)

I've also finished the conversion work on some custom Obliterators for my Death Guard army in the Mekshop.

Update 3/4/15
I've made a bit of progress on the Inquisitorial Warband in the Commissions section. A Priest, a couple Servitors, and some Arcoflagellants are now sporting their gang colors.

Update 2/26/15
I've got another game coming up this weekend in an escalation campaign, so I've converted up a couple of new models for my Death Guard in the Mekshop. I've finished up my Chaos Lord, as well as a really gross looking Maulerfiend.

Update 2/21/15
I'm taking a bit of a break from the Dark Angels for the moment an going a little more eclectic. I've started converting an Inquisitorial Warband in the Commissions section.

Update 2/10/15
I've painted up a Landraider Crusader in Deathwing colors for the Dark Angels in the Commissions section.

Update 1/28/15
I've got a sizeable force of Deathwing painted up for the Dark Angels in the Commissions section. Sorry it took so long between updates, but those Space Hulk models have a ton of detail.

I've also been doing a bit of personal hobbying as well. Right on the heels of finishing my Ultramarines, I'm building and painting another army. I was invited to play on the side of Chaos in an escalation campaign this year, so I'm building up an army of Death Guard in the Mekshop.

Update 1/9/15
As promised, I worked up the Ultramarines Army Profile in the Gallery. I've also started on some more Dark Angels in the Commissions section.

Update 1/1/15
Happy New Year! To celebrate the coming of 2015, I've finished up the last unit for my 'Retro' Ultramarines in the Mek Shop... a Command Squad with a freehand Company Banner. I've posted up step-by-step guide on how I painted the freehand banner in the Tutorials section, and I'll post a full army profile in the Gallery in the next few days.

Update 12/22/14
Just in time for Christmas, I've added some Flash Gitz and a Mega-Armored Warboss to accompany the Custom Ork Dakkajet in the Commissions section. Here's wishing everyone a happy holiday season.

Update 12/17/14
After painting all that power armor, I've gone back to my Orky roots for this next commission gig. I'me building a Custom Ork Dakkajet in the Commissions section, and I'm looting a Tau Fighter to do it!




The Best of...

Tater Titan
A custom Ork Stompa built from a Mr. Potato Head
'Akira' Warboss
A custom Warboss on an "orky" version of the bike from Akira.
Mini Missile Launcher
Custom-built Missile Launchers for use on 'Bulky' 28mm minis, available for sale in the Store
Skrap Gun
Custom-built Grotzookas for Ork Killa Kanz, available for sale in the Store
Vommit Kommitz
My (rather deranged) version of Ork Deff Koptas
Ork Looted Gundam
Yup. You heard me right.
Wazdakka Gutsmek
A custom conversion of the famed Ork Biker-boss, done for a customer.
Bad Moon Warboss
A custom Warboss of the Bad Moon Clan, built for a customer
Grot Artillery
Custom-converted Ork Big Guns, built for a customer.




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