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Here is what I am working on for some of my customers, as well as a bunch of completed commission projects. I have done everything from model conversions to scratch building, painting, and graphic design.

NOTE: I am not accepting any new commissions at this time. Between the projects already in the queue and changes in my other job, I'm swamped. When I start accepting commission work again, it will be posted here. Thanks for the all the support folks.

To all of my customers who currently have projects on the schedule, have no fear. I have not forgotten about you guys. I have always been and will always be enormously grateful to everyone who has trusted me with their models and I will endeavor to get your projects to you as quickly as possible.


Current Projects

Fantasy Models - started on 10/13/15

Taking a bit of a break from 40k for this one, and working on some Empire models for Warhammer Fantasy. Some are from Games Workshop, while others are not.

Raven Guard IV - started on 4/18/16

A couple of Landspeeder Storms and accompanying squads of Space Marine Scouts, painted in Raven Guard colors.

D&D / Pathfinder Characters - start date pending (est. May)

A variety of different character models for roleplaying games.

Custom Blood Axe Warboss - start date pending (est. Jun)

Using a metal warboss as a base to work from, I'll be sculpting a greatcoat out of greenstuff, as well as making a custom powerklaw for this model.

Kickstarter Boardgame Prototype

I'm working with a college buddy on a boardgame prototype. He's handling most of the game design, while I'm tackling the artistic side of things. More info will become available once we get the Kickstarter rolling.

This project log will be password protected


Working in conjunction with Dreamhaven Studios, I am primarily involved in the art/design end of the project, coming up with character design sketches and motion control models/puppets for filming purposes.

This project is password protected.

Completed Projects


Raven Guard III

finished on 10/12/15

Custom Killa Kanz

finished on 7/24/15

Dark Angels VII

finished on 7/15/15

Ultramarines Banner

finished on 5/23/15

Inquisitorial Warband

finished on 5/20/15

2014   (142 models / over 6500 pts.)  

Custom Dakkajet & Other Goodies

finished on 12/22/14

Raven Guard II

finished on 12/11/14

Fantasy Empire Landship

finished on 10/18/14

Ork Kommando Heads

finished on 10/16/14

Ork Command Mob

finished on 9/6/14

Custom Space Marines

finished on 7/24/14

Ork Warboss and Big Meks

finished on 5/14/14

Dark Angels VI

finished on 4/3/14

'Squig-Powered' Wartrukk

finished on 2/20/14

Ork Lootas & Wartrakks

finished on 1/15/14

Red Hunters Terminators

finished on 1/8/14

2013   (108 models / ~4300 pts.)

Warboss on Cyboar

finished on 11/20/13

Raven Guard I

finished on 11/11/13

Grot Artillery

finished on 9/17/13

Ork Warbikes

finished on 6/5/13

Empire Models

finished on 4/9/13

Grey Knights II

finished on 3/22/13

Blood Ravens II

finished on 1/23/13

2012   (186 models / ~7500 pts.)

Wazdakka... sort of

finished on 12/15/12

Dark Angels V

finished on 12/11/12

'Get to da Choppa'

finished on 11/28/12

Ork Meganobz

finished on 10/6/12

Infinity Models

finished on 9/20/12

Infinity Models: Nomads II

finished on 9/20/12

Rustbusta the Megaboss

finished on 9/10/12

Blood Angels II

finished on 9/5/12

Blood Angels Commander

finished on 8/3/12

Blood Axe Warboss

finished on 7/4/12

Black Templars Assault Squad

finished on 5/9/12

Tyranid Goodies

finished on 4/20/12

Bad Moon Warboss

finished on 4/5/12

Dark Angels IV

finished on 3/9/12

Vommit Kommits

finished on 3/1/12

Custom Deff Dread

finished on 1/19/12

Looted Gundam

finished on 1/17/12

2011   (171 models / over 7000 pts.)

Inifinity Models: PanOceania

finished on 12/15/11

Who's Da Greenest?

finished on 12/6/11

Inifinity Models: Nomads

finished on 12/1/11

Salamanders Landraider

finished on 11/18/11

Dark Angels III

finished on 11/15/11

Blood Ravens I

finished on 11/15/11

Death Company Chaplain

finished on 10/18/11

Terran Carrier

finished on 10/13/11

Wartrakk Conversion

finished on 9/22/11

Flesh Tearers Banner

finished on 9/16/11

Salamanders Tactical Squad

finished on 9/16/11

Blood Angels I

finished on 9/9/11

Grey Knights I

finished on 8/16/11

Ork Kommando Heads

finished on 8/4/11

Salamanders Drop Pod

finished on 8/3/11

Dark Angels II

finished on 7/27/11

Grey Knights Kaldor Draigo

finished on 6/8/11

Salamanders Drop Pod

finished on 6/6/11

Dark Angels I

finished on 4/27/11

Salamanders Tactical Squad

finished on 3/28/11

Forgeworld Mega Dread (repair)

finished on 3/10/11

Black Templars Teminators

finished on 3/1/11

Salamanders Drop Pod

finished on 2/11/11

Salamanders Rhino

finished on 1/13/11

2010   (68 models / ~3400 pts.)

Salamanders Landspeeders

finished on 12/16/10


finished on 11/26/10

Mega Armored Warboss

finished on 10/29/10

Tau Commander O'Shovah

finished on 10/21/10

Salamanders Dreadnought

finished on 9/15/10

Blood Angels 'Deathstar' (Part II)

finished on 9/28/10

Salamanders Tactical Squad

finished on 9/15/10

Blood Angels 'Deathstar' (Part I)

finished on 8/20/10

Ironclad Dreadnought

finished on 7/5/10


Ork Goodies II

finished on 5/27/10


Kharn the Betrayer

finished on 5/27/10


Salamanders Terminators

finished on 5/4/10


The Sanguinor

finished on 4/23/10


Tau Fire Warrior Leader

finished on 4/20/10


Vulkan He'stan

finished on 4/09/10


Ork Infantry X

finished on 3/13/10


Ork Infantry IX

finished on 2/27/10


Ork Goodies

finished on 2/09/10


Ork Infantry VIII

finished on 1/25/10


2009   (86 models / ~2300 pts.)

Modular Battlewagon

finished on 12/3/09


Ork Infantry VII

finished on 10/26/09


Mad Doc Grotsnik

finished on 10/8/09


Ork Infantry VI

finished on 9/23/09


Big Mek with Force Field

finished on 9/2/09


Deff Skull Megaboss

finished on 9/2/09


Runtz 'n Rotorz

finished on 8/27/09


Deff Dread Force Field

finished on 8/7/09


Ork Infantry V

finished on 7/28/09


Ork Infantry IV

finished on 6/11/09


Wazdakka Gutsmek

finished on 5/20/09


Ork Infantry III

finished on 4/27/09


Looted Penitent Engine

finished on 3/25/09


Salamanders Captain

finished on 3/10/09


Ork Infantry II

finished on 3/5/09


Ork Infantry

finished on 1/27/09



Ork Kanz & Deff Dread

finished on 12/30/08

Ork Biker Banners

finished on 11/7/08

'Sons of Odin' Banners

finished on 10/31/08

'Back in the Day'

I managed to dig up some pictures of some of my older commission work. There's a few years of dust on these so to speak. A lot of this stuff was done in 2004 or earlier, and my skills have improved since then. Hey, we all had to start somewhere. :-)

I'll get some of these projects logs together when I have some time.