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Here is what I am working on for some of my customers, as well as a bunch of completed commission projects. I have done everything from model conversions to scratch building, painting, and graphic design.

Take a look around at some of the projects and check out the Commission Guidelines. If you're interested in having me do some work for you, send me an email at:



Current Projects

Custom Space Marines - started on 2/20/14

A squad of Marines, a squad of bikes, a character or two, and a couple of vehicles, all painted up in the colors of the Lions Adamant, a custom Space Marine chapter created by the customer.

Ork Big Meks - start date pending (est. March)

A couple of custom-built Big Meks, one with a Kustom Force Field and the other with a Shokk Attack Gun.

Ork Command - start date pending (est. March)

A custom Ork Warboss and his Nob bodyguard. Many of these will be the old school metal models.

Deathwing Models - start date pending (est. late April)

A bunch of Deathwing Terminators, a Deathwing Chaplain, and a Landraider Crusader.

Empire Landship - start date pending (est. April)

I'll be doing some Warhammer Fantasy models here for a change of pace... well, just one model actually. This one. But man, what a beast of a model it is.

Raven Guard II - start date pending (est. late May)

Assault MArines, Scouts and Landspeeders.. Oh My! But wait there's more... Thunderfire Cannons, Sternguard, and some really killer Forgeworld kits. A whole bunch of Raven Guard guys coming down the pipeline.


Working in conjunction with Dreamhaven Studios, I am primarily involved in the art/design end of the project, coming up with character design sketches and motion control models/puppets for filming purposes.

This project is password protected.

Completed Projects


Dark Angels VI

finished on 4/3/14

'Squig-Powered' Wartrukk

finished on 2/20/14

Ork Lootas & Wartrakks

finished on 1/15/14

Red Hunters Terminators

finished on 1/8/14

2013   (108 models / ~4300 pts.)

Warboss on Cyboar

finished on 11/20/13

Raven Guard I

finished on 11/11/13

Grot Artillery

finished on 9/17/13

Ork Warbikes

finished on 6/5/13

Empire Models

finished on 4/9/13

Grey Knights II

finished on 3/22/13

Blood Ravens II

finished on 1/23/13

2012   (186 models / ~7500 pts.)

Wazdakka... sort of

finished on 12/15/12

Dark Angels V

finished on 12/11/12

'Get to da Choppa'

finished on 11/28/12

Ork Meganobz

finished on 10/6/12

Infinity Models

finished on 9/20/12

Infinity Models: Nomads II

finished on 9/20/12

Rustbusta the Megaboss

finished on 9/10/12

Blood Angels II

finished on 9/5/12

Blood Angels Commander

finished on 8/3/12

Blood Axe Warboss

finished on 7/4/12

Black Templars Assault Squad

finished on 5/9/12

Tyranid Goodies

finished on 4/20/12

Bad Moon Warboss

finished on 4/5/12

Dark Angels IV

finished on 3/9/12

Vommit Kommits

finished on 3/1/12

Custom Deff Dread

finished on 1/19/12

Looted Gundam

finished on 1/17/12

2011   (171 models / over 7000 pts.)

Inifinity Models: PanOceania

finished on 12/15/11

Who's Da Greenest?

finished on 12/6/11

Inifinity Models: Nomads

finished on 12/1/11

Salamanders Landraider

finished on 11/18/11

Dark Angels III

finished on 11/15/11

Blood Ravens I

finished on 11/15/11

Death Company Chaplain

finished on 10/18/11

Terran Carrier

finished on 10/13/11

Wartrakk Conversion

finished on 9/22/11

Flesh Tearers Banner

finished on 9/16/11

Salamanders Tactical Squad

finished on 9/16/11

Blood Angels I

finished on 9/9/11

Grey Knights I

finished on 8/16/11

Ork Kommando Heads

finished on 8/4/11

Salamanders Drop Pod

finished on 8/3/11

Dark Angels II

finished on 7/27/11

Grey Knights Kaldor Draigo

finished on 6/8/11

Salamanders Drop Pod

finished on 6/6/11

Dark Angels I

finished on 4/27/11

Salamanders Tactical Squad

finished on 3/28/11

Forgeworld Mega Dread (repair)

finished on 3/10/11

Black Templars Teminators

finished on 3/1/11

Salamanders Drop Pod

finished on 2/11/11

Salamanders Rhino

finished on 1/13/11

2010   (68 models / ~3400 pts.)

Salamanders Landspeeders

finished on 12/16/10


finished on 11/26/10

Mega Armored Warboss

finished on 10/29/10

Tau Commander O'Shovah

finished on 10/21/10

Salamanders Dreadnought

finished on 9/15/10

Blood Angels 'Deathstar' (Part II)

finished on 9/28/10

Salamanders Tactical Squad

finished on 9/15/10

Blood Angels 'Deathstar' (Part I)

finished on 8/20/10

Ironclad Dreadnought

finished on 7/5/10


Ork Goodies II

finished on 5/27/10


Kharn the Betrayer

finished on 5/27/10


Salamanders Terminators

finished on 5/4/10


The Sanguinor

finished on 4/23/10


Tau Fire Warrior Leader

finished on 4/20/10


Vulkan He'stan

finished on 4/09/10


Ork Infantry X

finished on 3/13/10


Ork Infantry IX

finished on 2/27/10


Ork Goodies

finished on 2/09/10


Ork Infantry VIII

finished on 1/25/10


2009   (86 models / ~2300 pts.)

Modular Battlewagon

finished on 12/3/09


Ork Infantry VII

finished on 10/26/09


Mad Doc Grotsnik

finished on 10/8/09


Ork Infantry VI

finished on 9/23/09


Big Mek with Force Field

finished on 9/2/09


Deff Skull Megaboss

finished on 9/2/09


Runtz 'n Rotorz

finished on 8/27/09


Deff Dread Force Field

finished on 8/7/09


Ork Infantry V

finished on 7/28/09


Ork Infantry IV

finished on 6/11/09


Wazdakka Gutsmek

finished on 5/20/09


Ork Infantry III

finished on 4/27/09


Looted Penitent Engine

finished on 3/25/09


Salamanders Captain

finished on 3/10/09


Ork Infantry II

finished on 3/5/09


Ork Infantry

finished on 1/27/09



Ork Kanz & Deff Dread

finished on 12/30/08

Ork Biker Banners

finished on 11/7/08

'Sons of Odin' Banners

finished on 10/31/08

'Back in the Day'

I managed to dig up some pictures of some of my older commission work. There's a few years of dust on these so to speak. A lot of this stuff was done in 2004 or earlier, and my skills have improved since then. Hey, we all had to start somewhere. :-)

I'll get some of these projects logs together when I have some time.