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Ork Goodies - project finished on 2/09/10

Customer: Eric Hubbard

Project Outline: A bunch of Orky tidbits. Some Big Bommz and Buzzsaws for Deff Koptas, as well as a custom built Kaptin Badrukk and accompanying Flash Gitz bitz.


Concept, Construction and Conversion

First up is the custom Kaptin Badrukk.

I converted him from a plastic Nob body using a resin pirate ork head. I also lopped off his right leg and relaced it with a custom built pegleg to keep with the priate feel.

I've got him standing on a piece of slate with the pegleg up on a treasure chest, ala Captain Morgan.




Here's a side shot of the Kaptin showing his custom snazzgun, "Da Rippa".

I built it from various bits, icluding parts from a couplf different shootas, a knife, styrene tubing, and the wooden stock from a waaaay old GorkaMorka shoota.


Here's a shot from the other side showing the pegleg and the treasure chest.


Here we have 5 out of the six snazzguns that I'm building for this project. The customer wants them seperate so he can build his Flash Gitz as he sees fit.

These were made from the various combi-shootas out of the Nobs boxed set. I added ammo drums, magazines and belts, as well as extra barrels, scopes and wiring in a few places.

One of the other parts of this project was to attach the resin pirate heads to the Nob bodies using pins.

After some trial and error, I realised that attaching the heads to the bodies before the snazzguns were in place would be a bad idea, as they might interfere with the snazzguns.

How bad would it suck to have the heads glued on and then have to break them off to get the guns on correctly.

My solution:

I used a combination of small drill bits and a sharp hooby knife to very carefully hollow out the back of the head so they will fit on the nob bodies like the normal plastic heads.

This way, the customer can glue the heads on as he sees fit once the guns are in place.

Next up will be the Buzzsaw and the Big Bommz for the Deffkopta.

Here's a shot of the custom buzzsaw for the Deff Kopta.

I went with a "weed eater" style attachment, which places the blade at about neck height for the standard 40k infantry model.

The custom buzzsaw from another angle.


I kept the buzzsaw in two seperate pieces, the saw and the support strut. This way, the customer can adjust the angle of the blade as he sees fit before glueing it in place.

It's hard to see in this picture, but there is a small hole drilled in the base of the support strut that the end of the power cable fits into

I left both the support strut and the power cable a bit long so they can be trimmed if neccessary.

Here is the last of the snazzguns and the beginnings of the two big bomm prototypes.

At this point, I'm waiting for the greenstuff in the nose cones to cure before doing anymore detail work. I'm going to leave one nose cone pretty much blank, but the other is going to have some wedge shaped armor plating bolted to the nose cone.

Once the prototypes are finished I'm going make some molds to reproduce them in resin.

Next up, we have a few embellishments on the Kaptin, including a banner pole made from a Nob's bosspole. I put a severed head on it, as well as a bolted-on 'eyepatch' to fit in with the whole pirate theme.

The "parrot-squig" has been moved over to one side a bit so the Kaptin's choppa won't cover his face. I also added a fuel cannister to the Kaptin's back with a cable running into the handgrip of 'Da Rippa' just to give it some extra juice :)

Here are the two Big Bommz cast in resin, along with two hardpoint struts to mount Bommz under the wing of a Deff Kopta, or any other aircraft for that matter.

I just couldn't resist painting up a couple of copies to give you a feel what they'd look like painted.

These guys will be making it into the store section before too long I'm sure.