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Looted Gundam - finished on 1/17/12

Customer: Remi Bludreault

Project Outline: I know, I know. You're probably thinking WTF?! A customer contacted me to build a Gundam RX-78... but looted by the Orks. A bit of an odd request, but hey... I'm the nutjob that built a Stompa from a Mr. Potato Head. Who else ya gonna call?



I picked up the basic Gundam RX-78 model off eBay, and overall I'm pretty impressed with how it went together.

The peices pretty much snap together, and are all brightly colored. For the most part, they even have the decals and iconography already printed onto the pieces.

If you're building a baisc Gundam model for display purposes, this is a pretty good kit.

I was going to do a full "before-and-after" sequence with the model, but as you can tell from the head in this picture, I just couldn't wait to start lootin'.

Leave it to us Ork fanatics. We just can't leave well enough alone :)


Here's a shot from the back.


A close-up of the head.

The model is also poseable.


While this may come in handy for a display piece, most of the joints are somewhat flimsy ball-and-socket joints.

Since the the customer will be using this as a gaming piece, I'll be using the joints to pose the model and then glueing them in place to make the model sturdier.


Here's the ankle joint. The white plastic ball fits into the grey rubber socket and makes for a pretty flexible joint. The only problem is the foot pops out pretty easily.


Update 1/3/12

Here's the stock gun for the Gundam...

That thing would look wimpy even on an Eldar model.

That kind of flimsy pea-shooter just won't cut it for an Ork. Besides, what self respecting greenskin would shoot at somebody anyway?

It's a lot more fun the rip 'em to shreds in close combat.


Ahhhh, much better :)


Here's the current state of the conversion.

I replaced the hands with heavy duty buzzsaws. The saw blades themselves are cut from thick plastic, while the black 'hubs' for the saws are 25mm bases and the cylindrical forearms are a made from plastic I-beams and some pieces from the Chemical Plant kit by Pegasus Hobbies.

I bulked up the shoulders with a small section of PVC pipe that I cut lengthwise to create two half round peices.

The left leg is built up with some extra plasticard and a piston for more strength. I've also canibalized the 'calf plate' and placed it on the front as an additional armor greave to cover the ankle joint.


Here's a shot from the back.

As you can see, the 'looting' process is still ongoing.

I'll be adding more cables and hoses to various parts of the model, as well as more pistons and armor plating.

The torso and right leg are largely untouched and this thing needs a whole lot of rivets to really look the part.

Once I get the basic armor structure in place, then I'll get down to all the fine detail work.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along.


Update 1/5/12

I've finished the conversion and detailing on the Gundam, and I'm pretty stoked with how it turned out.

I added the extra armor panels in a 'patchwork' fashion, while leaving some of the original model visible.

When looting vehicles for an Ork army, you have to be careful not to go too crazy, otherwise you obscure the original model entirely.


Here's a shot from the other side.

I've added a base from MDF, and the joints in the legs and hips are glued in place for stability. I've left the joints in the head, shoulders and waist detachable for painting purposes, otherwise getting paint into all those nooks and crannies would be a nightmare.

Once the painting process is complete, all the parts will be glued in place.


Here's a shot from the back.

Aside from some gravel and rocks on the base, the model is ready for primer and paint, pending customer approval of the building process.


Update 1/9/12

At the customer's request, I have created a small diaorama on the base.

Basically a bunch of grots milling around some boulders and scrap metal. The two grots in the foreground are taking up firing positions and cutting loose with their grot blasters.

The two grots in the rear are having a heated discussion about who's supposed to be doing what. The 'boss grot' thinks the rigger should be fighting...


... the rigger seems to have a different opinion.


Up next, primer and paint.


Update 1/12/12

Here's the model all painted up and ready for static grass and dullcoat.

I used a Speed Freek paint scheme for this guy, all red armor and dingy steel, with flame jobs on some of the armor plates.


Here he is from the back.




Here's a closer shot of the grots on the base.



Completed Model

Here's a final shot of the model before he gets packed up and shipped off to the customer.

Bag it an' tag it.