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Here you will find pictures of my work. Some old, some new. I've divided the pictures into a few rough categories in an attempt to bring some order to them.

Army Profiles

These are some of my armies, mostly for Warhammer 40k. Pictures are in a 'catalog' style similar to a magazine, minimal background with the main focus being on the models.

  Orks - Warhammer 40k

  Space Wolves - Warhammer 40k

  Tau - Warhammer 40k
  Space Marines - Warhammer 40k

  Space Marines - Warhammer 40k

Glamor Shots

These are a bunch of shots including models, terrain pieces and battlefield setups. Pictures here are 'staged' for dramatic effect. Click on a thumbnail for a larger view.




Games in Progress

These are actual games being played with my gaming group, picture quality will vary widely in this section. Since the armies in these photos are in a constant state of change, be prepared to see a fair amount of primer and bare plastic. Click on a thumbnail for a larger view.




Terrain Pictures

Pictures of some of my terrain. Click on a thumbnail for a larger view.

Desert Terrain
City Terrain
Jungle Terrain