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Here are some links that I feel are worthwhile to any wargamer, particularly if you play 40k.

News and Forums

  •   Warseer Forums
        My personal favorite forum. Be sure to check out the "Who Loves Orks?" thread
        while you're there. It's one of the best sources of Ork know-wots on the internet.
  •   The Waaagh
        An Ork themed website and forum. If you're looking to build something Orky,
        there are some great conversion tutorials in here.
Where to Buy Stuff
  •   Games Workshop
        Not the cheapest way to go, but you can order bitz that you can't get anywhere else
  •   Forgeworld
        Their resin kits are BEAUTIFUL! Hope you have a trust fund.
  •   The War Store
        Now this is more like it. Games Workshop stuff at a discount.
  •   Mini War Gaming
        For all your gaming needs. Great prices on Warhammer stuff, discounts,
        and FREE shipping to the US. These guys are great!
  •   eBay
        For the extremely budget challenged. If you're vigilant, you can find some great deals.
  •   Plastruct
        My favorite place for 'plasticard' and other materials for doing conversion work.
  •   Evergreen Scale Models
        These guys also make great materials for conversion work.
  •   The Independent Characters
        One of my favorite podcasts. Great to listen to while painting. They even interviewed
        me in Episode 14.
  •   The Black Ocean
        A podcast covering Firestorm Armada by Spartan Games. Hosted by Chris Saraga and
        his son Dante, a couple of great guys
Other Stuff
  •   Gamescape
        My local game store. I head down here for a game every other Friday.
  •   Big Shoota
        A great Ork blog run by Randy (aka Sukigod on the forums). He's a fantastic modeler
        and all round great guy.
  •   Cool Mini or Not
        If you ever get to feeling that you paint miniatures well enough, just browse through
        the "Top 10" on this site and you'll feel about 2 inches tall.
  •   Terragenesis
        If you're looking to build your own terrain, this site has some great tips and tricks.
  •   The Dice Abide
        An up and coming blog with a nice, well-rounded approach to the hobby. One of the
        key contributors, Adam, is a friend from my local gaming group.
  •   A Gentleman's Ones
        A really great blog with top-notch miniature painting and photography,
        as well as some awesome terrain, including the Sin of Alacrity.
  •   3++ is the New Black
        A great blog run by Kirby, who primarily looks at 40k from a tactical/competitive
        point of view. A good read if you're looking to get better at the game.
  •   Incunabulum
        Some great fan fiction set in the 40k Universe. written by Sholto.
  •   Julian Beever Street Art
        Unrelated to gaming, but it's way cool.