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Here are my 'Retro' Ultramarines. Over the course of 2013-2015, I painted this army for the Tale of 40k Painters thread on Warseer. I wanted to go for a nostalgic look, so I decided to paint these guys in the classic 2nd edition paint scheme. If you're interested in seeing the progression of this army as I painted it, check out the full project log.

Click on a thumbnail below for a larger image.

HQ Units

Captain Sicarius

Since I'm going with the 2nd Company here, I've got to have the Captain to lead the army, right? I'm not too wild about the stock Sicarius model, so I decided to convert my own.

Chief Librarian Tigurius

If you're going to go with a Space MArine Librarian, you might as well go for Tigurius. He's an awesome support character whose psychic shenanigans can really buff your other units to make them more effective.

Command Squad

When spending the points on big characters, you might as well go all the way and give them a bodyguard unit to protect them, right?

These guys are armed up with plasma weapons, and the banner really makes a nice centerpiece for the army.


Dreadnought Ferox

Dreadnoughts are a blast to paint, particularly when you add back banners to them. I really wanted this army to stand out on the table, and this guy gave me a chance to add some nice freehand work..


When the going gets tough, you have to call in some help. Nothing like having a squad of Terminators deep strike in to pull your fat out of the fire with some well placed firepower.


Tactical Squad 1

Tactical Squads are the mainstay of any Space Marine army. These guys are great at holding the ground gained by more 'elite' units. They are a "jack of all trades" unit that can do almost any job, depending on how they're equipped.

This squad is armed with a Lascannon and Plasmagun

Tactical Squad 2

Another Tactical Squad, this time armed with a Missile Launcher and a Plasmagun.


I went with the old school metal Scouts for this units because I just love the way they look. These guys are geared up for close action with Bolt Pistols, Close Combat Weapons, and a couple of Shotguns.

Transport Vehicles

Rhino / Razorback 1

Sometimes ground-pounding just doesn't get a unit where it needs to be fast enough. In such cases, I assign a transport vehicle to a squad so they can ride in style. I can swap out the top hatch on this thing so it can be fielded either as a Rhino, or a Razorback with a Twin-linked Lascannon

Rhino / Razorback 2

Another of the ubiquitous metal boxes for trasporting troops, also with a modular top hatch.

Heavy Support

Devastator Squad

When you really need something dead, there's nothing quite like the firepower laid down by a Devastator Squad. These guys can pack 4 heavy weapons into their squad. They are a great unit to anchor a fire base.

Predator Annihilator

Do I really need more Lascannons?

You bet I do. This thing is death incarnate for any vehicle on the table, and with good armor up front, it can take some punishment as well.


More Lascannons?!! Yup.

Land Raiders are absolute monsters on the tabletop. They're expensive as hell, but they have good guns, can transport troops, and are really tough to kill.